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Re: Bridgestone Dueler 694 (Hodnocení: 1)
Od: louis (847368889@qq.com) - Středa, 23.11. 2011 - 03:17:57
jingruitwcOn November 4, 2011, "Chinese wireless world and conference of special subject of net of couplet of car of · of congress of content couplet net " in Beijing restaurant of boat of new century day is held formally. Compere: We have below ask area louis vuitton outlets [www.louisvuittonoutletstore8.com] of ZigBee Alliance big China to be us to make a presentation on behalf of Huang Jiarui chief inspector, he performs topic of the speech to look is ZigBee wisdom the sources of energy. Huang Jiarui: Everybody is good, be present does everybody know ZigBee Alliance asks raise one's hand? Thank, introduce, zigBee is 2 the year's harvest stand, preparing is 01 years. 802.11 patriarch are before currently holding the post ofa chairman 20 years, the Christian era 2000 when a flock of person that produce industry course of study everybody gathers, discuss a composition of the wireless communication that on application of true market application, science and technology they are louis vuitton factory outlets [www.louisvuittonoutletstore8.com] like to lack a stone's throw, produced ZigBee 2 years. We are blame of a global, open sex seeks profits organization, unlike international organization is same, standard organization is with North America the company is given priority to more very, we are special internationalization. Member of our member North America is occupied only 40% , it is absolutely minority, having 30% is absolutely Europe, having 30% is Asia-Pacific area. We work is to establish a standard, and be in wireless pass the standard on feeling to follow control. We to maintain this level, we had the test process of a very severe rigorous attestation, we also are urging this standard in global each district. So far, be being regarded in ZigBee of a lot of places is can a science and technology of net of drive content couplet. This is current each commercial module of ZigBee, we arrive to be able to be used on net of couplet of a lot of cars from family of intelligent floor space, intelligence. Resemble intelligent electrified wire netting, just go up in healthy medical treatment at always be being mentioned actually we have to be called HEALTH CARE. We louis vuitton outlet online [www.louisvuittonoutletstore8.com] shed this in content had been world each district had been finished and have some of real case a few standards. This is all application, include e.g. Home Automation, smart Energy, we still have 3D, resemble TV of present 3D glasses, 3D. This is different LOGO, after when your product the course checks attestation approve, you are to which belong to a kind of product, the meeting on your product has this LOGO. In home the likelihood is returned now, but a lot of have do OEM export to perhaps be in a few more Euramerican he can need governmental bid proposal your product has these LOGO, especially on intelligent the sources of energy, some places did not check attestation he is accepted far from. Our main today subject is two actually, one is to say content couplet network, one is we said car couplet network. Be present have a lot of experts I am differ tell below the net of past car couplet of one. I tell a when we are in Europe recently real executive case, what is louis vuitton factory online [www.louisvuittonoutletstore8.com] this? This is likely he actually you say this case is to belong to car couplet net to also go, belong to intelligent city to also go, he is a kind of application actually. We call Smart Parking, the first has very much on road roadside to jockey the factory has a sensor, this is done not have how old, did not compare me a hand is old, this has a few signal, he needs a lot of things to form a network. Under this kind of planet, when the car comes, his signal begins generation, he can tell you on a lot of degree, which edge has how many room, this is real time. What does he do? Very simple, I should go out today, I think of east odd, this is a mobile phone, before I set out, look first there is how many parking space by the side of which after all, some you are OK obligate parking space, card was brushed first, this still is louis vuitton bags outlet [www.louisvuittonoutletstore8.com] discussing. How to resemble going? He tells me how to go, be present I believe to drive you arrived, you went to big parking lot, I go to three-layer parking lot, have room obviously, I turned 25 minutes to cannot find room, here tells me where to be. I believe everybody can have experience commonly when jockey finally how much did I stop after all, he is to talk small chronometer to expend, I was to stop 55 minutes, still be, occasionally difference is received 5 minutes 1 hour more. He can tell me, I am in this locally at present till stopped how long, this is very interesting. Extend the meaning arrives finally, this is car couplet net or intelligent city after all, still be a be mixed application or these two city government, it you are louis vuitton sale [www.louisvuittonoutletstore8.com] put toward which is OK that you are put toward which. To finally he is whole wisdom city manages. Because you are under the network case of this kind of whole town, what he should do is already more than it is to tell you parking space, parking space applies among them, he incidentally monitoring. Everybody has thought to jockey largely factory, basement may park on 1000 car, think of the chroma problem of carbon monoxide, that is aeriform killer. We have convulsions fan, make sure chroma is inside healthy limits, this is. Still have road surface your car, e.g. me he tells today how parking lot line reaching before me front is optimal course, in case in front have a state, block a car up greatly, he won't tell me automatically the 2nd course, I block a car up to those 3 hours to be not moved. This arrives finally how intelligent city idea, concept of content couplet network, intense bedding face is accumulated. If you have been to Spain, can see from this sketch map, this is Barcelona downtown. The sensor that I a moment ago told is in roadside is so big also, louis vuitton outlets [www.louisvuittonoutletstore8.com] very simple module. This is in abroad the largest area, resemble fort of heart of Swedish elder brother, he is whole the city is from intelligence ammeter begins, add watch burning gas, water meter next, heating power watch, formed finally whole cross a city, next again upgrade adds a thing. One pile street lamp, street lamp became bad tell you, small to jockey plan cost, the person that perhaps receives fund occasionally comes that cashbox is empty, he can tell you automatically when to should receive fund. Ge Debao is harbour, have landscape gorge, 500 thousand person, I mention this case in Shanghai, somebody laugh, 500 thousand person not with respect to two streets, ge Debao is in Sweden is a platoon to go up the city of the name, he still has an International Airport. Take this case we are done first discuss. Downward I want to carry more interesting, we say car couplet network, rate issue e.g. electric car, I believe world each country includes our country to have development policy more now. I also am to follow an expert to chat, I say Beijing now 5 million cars, suppose we according to national goal, perhaps the of 1% car after 5 years becomes electric car, it is 50 thousand. Car advocate, hypothesis is a white-collar 40 thousand 80% , next at 6 o'clock coming home, add Beijing to block car element up to calculate go in to arrived home at 8 o'clock should charge, 40 thousand cars are gone to over there insert charge. I say you feel this is what regains consciousness, he says to be able to cut off the power probably, instantaneous peak value is too high. We see the problem that electric car causes, actually you put in him 's charge in the application of content couplet net, it is OK to put in the application in car couplet net 's charge, because of him drag in arrives an intelligence electrified wire netting, this follows intelligent electrified wire netting actually namely an application of content couplet net. General intelligence electrified wire netting, explain even if begin from ZigBee from domestic automation, the report of the whole world, a lot of people tell us to want to dominate old old industry, refine is aluminous, whole world report exceeds 50% above, you are used with me, terminal louis vuitton outlet store [www.louisvuittonoutletstore8.com] consumer is used, not be refine aluminium, we are used. Below the sort of circumstance, below domestic automation, why do I tell fort of heart of Swedish elder brother, he is from intelligence ammeter begins. You do not think to regard the ammeter in your home as exceed mark tool remotely, he is a terminal, also be a gateway. These gateway combine whole village together to turn intelligence into the village, one each uses the network that form. In this intelligence ammeter he is an interface only, a few home appliance in all homes use his gather information. Who can tell me, I get ammeter bill 500 RMBs charge a cost, tells me how these 500 are spent, what my freezer spends is most. My home has plan of energy of a green to reward 1000 my money to buy a home appliance, the home in most the home appliance of bad news report changes, I do not know is which. It is my washing machine, dryer or electric stove or freezer, every month bill is in that, do not pay a report clutch. Below this kind of case, when be being recorded without the foundation, you accuse to go up in canal of whole intelligence electrified wire netting value of peak value cereal, how to balance, when to use wind phone, when to use igneous phone, when to use nuclear phone, when be waterpower, report you send this thing to was not done not have. You carry so much storage battery, cost is too high. He goes to the network of AMX from the family through ammeter under this kind of case, with big environment, with whole town, the allocation of whole country report is to be united in wedlock together. We believe domestic automation here energy management is to hope to pass through consumer, we are crowds of the biggest spending, with electric crowd, we hope to be able to provide enough information, such ability know when I make myself set and control. I am for instance dynamoelectric the car charges, cross nation of a paragraph of time to begin type of a flight of stairs to collect fees, aiguille time collects fees the meeting is expensive. My electric car charges, must in the evening at 8 o'clock, can automatic set midnight at 2 o'clock, it is when charge of electricity is the cheapest recharge. I need these information, otherwise I cannot make a decision. This meeting changes behaviour of our a consumption, what is content couplet net, content couplet net follows Internet different, internet is information, OK and interactive, content couplet net can change your life, some people do not know his existence. Fall in this kind of circumstance so, see demand, whole electrified wire netting is balanced, how is whole green the sources of energy used, how is blame green the sources of energy used, even electric power is bought, the net has the country to buy electricity with abroad, how much to buy, buy need not waste. How am I saved on my the sources of energy to terminal, advocate green environment now, tell white still be be economical, change your consumptive behaviour with price pattern. This is average household, I have water heater, washing machine, dryer, electric car, I am not in the home by day when how does the report of board hair handle my solar energy, can very intelligence passes through which interface, I can need not the report that the net gives the state, and with solar energy board report, can generate electricity with wind-force in the evening, that moment perhaps compares petty gain, make it of whole intelligence electrified wire netting is such. How to balance the value of peak value cereal of power source of avery kind of, the habit that consumer emphasizes here can change your behaviour. Why this is very important, very simple, electric car comes very quickly, does the sort of circumstance fall how to do? I believe the government can have promotive measure certainly. The United States opens report of half gasoline in part occasionally, the problem that electric car causes is OK also drag in a lot of business chance. How these green the sources of energy are balanced here, how I charge the most economic, how is my batteries done, this is the problem of industrial catenary. Below this kind of case, it is us actually alleged DLC, my laden control is how. Extend the meaning comes out a problem, my reliability, my economy is spent, after all my load is to should rise, want to build more power plant or fewer power plant with national point of view, how more the information of vitrification. Consumer is more safe, the problem of report of handlebar of whole and dynamoelectric steam is solved, other issue can be added with upgrade, on safe problem, life, economically, comfortable on my wait a moment optionally. Do not have report when you, how many accessory was not used above, the car is not moved. Go on extend the meaning again, with you whole family is pulled together again, my swimming-pool, my water heater waits this a moment is very big industry chain, the concept of content couplet net is such. Under this kind of case, electric car his demand, he wants how to can make sure I can charge completely very much, I can know me all open is in when, because these are likely,drag in always tells at total, week. I go to the parking lot now, this car is couplet net, below intelligent city situation, I open a parking lot to go perhaps outside business of the hair there, I need to have real time news, I know in front what is those who await me, I can choose, I am OK steer clear of. Consumer here I can have different setting, I even once sexual setting, convention is installed, will tell first-rate user to me, catenary of my whole modes of life and relation to their environment uses the user that go up to experience endophilicity. Control because of these the sources of energy finally, we can bring what how home of National People's Congress lives simpler, more convenient go getting a few information, according to these information I can make corresponding motion. Organic meeting looks to give intelligent city demand with developing below the concept of content couplet net, have document of a government, announce the member monograph in association of content couplet network to go up, what he tells is to use content couplet network, use information, content couplet net is told coming out is information collect, information abstraction, information feedback creates a few automatic option. What do this need, process of abstraction, feedback this is burgeoning industry, it is very interesting the issue that can discuss. How do we accomplish these things? Cross a city, cross a state, you should have level of a collective and open sex, everybody acts blindly, do not receive forever on, everybody wants collect to be together. We should have a few to be able to be shared publicly self-invited, otherwise your standard is not formed. We are formed in the data under, can offer a very active changeability a few policy come to price of a price facilitating market a few vigor. Peak value report is more expensive, everybody uses phone less, this is alternative. At present the solution of ZigBee is in a moment ago inside 8 chunk among them among above that one, we have namely a series of what the provision of functional sex follows a few standard type is interactive. American SAD is association of American car project, they already make choice of, announced make choice of to regard all designs as electric car with ZigBee last year with butt joint of electrified wire netting standard of all product technology an interface. ZigBee also has other association to approbate in very much other side, be in for instance intelligent medical treatment, the whole world is the greatest medical treatment organizes society, many 240, this sort fastens riverside of Xi Menzi, flying benefit company, they also are make choice of regards development as the product above all intelligence medical treatment with the standard of ZigBee. This this is intelligent energy demand increasing, include to be in China. Be in so that the city has Kesasi probably this year ammeter of 40 million intelligence wants to install. Heart state environment somewhat different, you buy a place is not to pay country net, the likelihood is bought with the village. Light is Dekesasi the city has ammeter of 40 million intelligence to be in installation. Serious offence of city of a Chongqing is whole Australia, australia Victoria saves electrified wire netting of intelligence of city complete Australia to check a place, he begins to diffuse outside from Victoria province, do the first assembly. He is final achievement will diffuse complete Australia. You should carry on any things that concern with report, if you did not use the product of ZigBee, basic it is unqualified. England lights gas company to be by this year beginning a very big project is British government give money, whole electrified wire netting, water, light gas, heat 4 watches syncretic, automation of whole consumption system, information system, family, the union of total system. Total amount exceeds 60 million intelligence to express, the end of the year began this this year. Domestic Shenzhen, Guangdong has do intelligence to express a manufacturer to begin to receive order form. This is a trend, and be in abroad is to had begun to be being done. Electric car came accordingly immediately, the question that we should ask ourselves is this bureau very big, how we take this train. According to the country the person of the net is told with me, they invest more than 1 trillion RMB one year in intelligent electrified wire netting. These are the products that attestation passes, hundreds of kinds of different product terminal, everybody does not listen to wireless sensor very expensive, some are a bit simpler functional sensor probably a few Qian Meijin. This graph is very interesting, the PPT that writes in the file is revealed 3 years in. Here includes domestic automation, intelligent medical treatment, community, industrial catenary, consumption catenary. That moment does not have content couplet net, content couplet net is begin a definition 6 years to come out. This is a paper, this longing that whole thing is like is pair of future is written into one brief paper, this is later content couplet net can bring a few issues, evolve later IOT (transliteration) the pronoun that turns content couplet into the net, it is to deserve glad job. ZigBee now the whole world firm of many 400 member, on ZigBee product total production value exceeds U.S. dollor of a million one year, the production value that exceeds 1 million every year is not joking.
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